Our Goal

The Liberal Refugees Party (LVP) is a Dutch political association with the aim of making a positive socio-political contribution to the development of Dutch society.

The party strives for a society in which the difficulties and rights of refugee migrants are recognized, protected, and represented at the national and European political levels.

Artikel 50: Maatschappij ontvangt en beschermt vreemdelingen – Nederlandse Grondwet

Paul Oviawe
George Samani
Freed Schmitter
Sr. Advisor

Our Motto: Real Participation leads to Real Benefits 

Our initiative

The Liberale Vluchtelingen Partij LVP is an initiative by Paul M. Oviawe (a Dutch – Nigerian Educationist, Researcher, and Social Reformer) and originated from research conducted by the International College of Commerce-ICC based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The refugee crisis has been gripping the Netherlands for decades. Fueled by never-ending political debates and extensive Dutch news coverage of the refugee crisis, the time has come for renewed scrutiny of existing policies and the litmus test are they “fit for purpose” in today’s inclusive society.

More so, those policies and practices have sowed a sense of disenfranchisement in the refugee-migrant communities and have created feelings of having no power or opportunities, or of not being recognised in the socio-political system: Where these policies are failing, we need new leadership and the generation of fresh ideas to get back on track. ICC Report P-17b (Refuge: policies and practices in the Netherlands) August 2021.

The research recognised the need for first-generation refugee-migrants input to the Asylum, Refugee, and Migration debate, and to shape policies for the social-political and economic benefit of all within Dutch society.

This finding reflects that as citizens move further and further away from the truth; displacement and migration are a harsh reality, but we can no longer lock our doors, narrow our living circle, and live-in isolation. “The first step in solving a problem is to recognise that it does exist” – Zig Ziglar.

The hard reality of living in a country like the Netherlands; with its political stability and economic prosperity; is that the poor and the desperate will always attempt to move here for a better life. We can debate the rights and wrongs of this conundrum, but we have to deal with the realities of the situation.

A discussion group was assembled by Paul Oviawe to look in more detail into the practical implications of this discovery and it became apparent that different times call for different strategies. It’s no secret that the Dutch political system has reached a certain degree of complexity, And today’s politics need inclusivity for all – refugees included.

In the final analysis, it is crucial that the Netherlands address the refugee crisis as a “new social order” that is interrelated to our communal existence.

We as Refugee-migrants like to show a credible reflection of Dutch generosity…. And contribute to the development of the society we love so dearly.

This ideology has now progressed into the formation of a legal union (LVP) that is powered by established refugees, that uphold social-liberal reasonings alongside sympathizers and supporters from the overall Dutch society.

Refugee historical data

Today the population in the Netherlands stood at almost 18. million, with 23 percent of the population having a migration background. The Netherlands is usually considered a destination country by refugees in Europe making the Dutch population growth in the past decade largely fueled by immigration.

Refugees are people who are recognized as refugees under the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees The data below represents persons recognized as refugees in accordance with the UNHCR statute, people granted refugee-like humanitarian status, and people provided temporary protection.

On the other hand, Asylum seekers- are persons who have applied for asylum or refugee status and who have not yet received a decision or who are registered as asylum seekers. They are excluded.


The preamble to our Constitution

The Liberale Vluchtelingen Partij LVP exists to build and safeguard a fair, inclusive, diverse, and open society where refugee migrants can live in harmony with the overall society.

We seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, care, and community, in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance, or conformity.

We champion the freedom, dignity, and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience, tolerance, and their right to develop their talents to the full.

We aim to disperse power, encourage diversity, and live together in peace where different cultures will be able to develop freely.

We believe that the role of the Dutch state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities, and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.

Election manifesto


Foreword to our Manifesto

With a new purpose for refugee migrants, the Liberale Vluchtelingen Partij is the only party with a clear plan for how we will build a brighter future for refugee migrants.

The first step of our plan for a brighter future is simple: LVP will advocate for two new Bills:

1. Creation of a new government role:  ‘SECRETARY FOR REFUGEE-MIGRANTS RELATIONS’ and

2. Creation of a special project:  ‘REAL REFUGEE’ for refugee-migrants empowerment

Using competence consultations and reflections from real Refugee direct; Both bills will work with “real lives, real solutions and real confidence support’ programmes for refugee-migrants for life.

Dutch political history of the last decade has been in PM Rutte’s VVD, with new right liberalism in the VVD sense; having largely promoted the interests of the Dutch capital and business and have no real business in debating civil liberties and rights; especially liberties and rights of the bottom class – Refugee-migrants.

As such we are unashamedly claiming that the LVP is the only party with a radical and credible plan to tackle the immigration and integration policies and processes as soon as possible.  The old integration system was labeled “failing” in 2018 already when the National Ombudsman and others said that the government was making it harder for Refugee-migrants (integrators) to find their place in Dutch society instead of easier.

We understand what wrong integration policies and processes can cause; migrants struggle with language, debts, needing constant social assistance, mental health problems, and loss of ‘tax payers’ money, and lastly a bigger problem of no-workable policy on the treatment of failed asylum seekers.

LVP plans to work together with the relevant parties to deliver a ten-year emergency programme to make immigration and integration work. A programme that will save millions of taxpayers money as well as deliver proper economic benefit to our nation.

Different surveys of EU countries conclude that the Netherlands is the second-worst country in Europe for the unemployment of people from non-Western backgrounds. However, according to the Dutch Equal Treatment Act and employment laws discrimination is explicitly prohibited.

Unfortunately, discrimination is still openly present in the Dutch labour market (NBBU 2019) and civil status, race, personal beliefs and colour are seen as the primary reasons.

LVP shall tackle Job Security issues for all migrants advocating for equal employment opportunity schemes straightaway.

LVP shall work together with the relevant political parties to create a caring and inclusive society, where every person irrespective of their race, color, beliefs, or creed can live a secure, happy and fulfilling life.



Advocate for a new bill to tackle the refugee-migrant issues with “real lives, real solutions and real confidence support programmes for life. Programmes that offer the best start to build a fairer domestic life by providing them with skills needed to contribute their own quota to the society and economy.


Build a fairer (Equal Employment Opportunity) economy by eradicating employment discrimination while improving diversity in the workplace for migrants. Employees should have the right to work and advance on the basis of merit and ability and not colour or race.


Review current integration policies and practices to identify what works better for the Society and Economy. And propose fresh and constructive changes that could be debated and possibly adopted by parliament. Changes that would transform our integration practices.


Working together towards building a caring and inclusive society by introducing fresh frameworks for tackling poverty and social exclusion. Frameworks of engagement in Cultural and Racial diversities as well as Sexual orientation in society.

Policy papers

Liberale Vluchtelingen Partij policies are drafted by our policy committee in consultations with university (multi-discipline) master students. The students review current Dutch policies and suggest possible intervention routes by LVP.

These policy papers will be the subject of our national convention debates as well as a roadmap for planning LVP Manifesto.

  1. Lifelong Learning in Food, Fiber and the Environment |Proposals for Agriculture and Natural Environment Education for Refugee Employment in Holland (Academic Consultancy Training – ACT; Wageningen University & Research-WUR)
  2. Making Integration of Refugee-Migrants Work for Holland | Proposals on Efficient government-assisted Resettlement Programs for Refugee-migrants living in the Netherlands.
  3. The ‘REAL REFUGEE PROJECT’ | Proposals on refugee-migrants empowerment


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