Join the Liberal Refugees Party call for Volunteers.

Whether you can help out for several weeks, or just a few hours, we need you! 

Whether you prefer to deliver leaflets, talk to voters on the phone or help out with office admin, your help will make a huge difference.

Don’t forget, we are a learning party that needs your knowledge…



We must do all we can to protect people forced to flee their countries to escape war and persecution.

The Dutch have a history of providing homes to persons in need. 

*Join our call for a political representation for this special refugee-migrants group.

Don’t forget, we Refugee-migrants are happy to show a credible reflection of Dutch generosity as well as contribute to the development of the society we love so dearly.


Be part of something special register for our 1st national conference today.

more engagement, debates, conversations, and connections.

Liberal Refugees Party Online Summer Conference

03rd – 15th JUNE 2022

Make your presence Felt!

The conference is where our party makes decisions. 
Every member has an equal right to attend, an equal say, and an equal voice.
This Summer Conference is  100% online, which means more access.

Whatever you want out of your membership, there’s something for everyone happening at Conference, including:

+ Live debates on the big issues
+ Listen to expert guest speakers
+ Meet other delegates and make friends
+ Hear from our Party’s leaders all over the Netherlands

Sound good? Register now and get your pass.

*Tickets and Registration is Open in May 2022.

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